Family Pictures 2012

Colombia (Aug 2012)

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14 days of fun, sun, family, friends, food and sightseeing.


Pics 1 - Walking around in Medellin at the Oviedo outdoor shopping center.


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Last week was the flower festival

    Hanging baskets from the flower festival  
The entire floor covered with plants        
  Outdoor park Texas bar-b-que and they deliver Always McDonalds and drive through Yes, the Hard Rock Cafe
Day 2 - Visiting with family for lunch and walking around on their land in the country.
Lunch with aunt, uncle and cousins, and the dogs Excellent food Colorful hotel Beautiful view Being playful
Enough already, I want to relax Peace and quiet.      
Jorge, Jeanette, Gonzalo Could the clouds have been more perfect! Benjamin, Jorge, Jeanette, Anita, me    

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