Family Pictures 2009



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Costa Rica Nov 2008


Wood products

Made of wood


This is the larges OX

cart in the world

OX harness



Now you see how big             the cart is

Just a small town

A one street light town

Famous for the wood products



The Pacific Coast

The beach

Bright blue waters

Great Place to stay

Houses on the coast


Ah relaxing on the beach

A drink anyone, Swim on over


Where's my boat!



Pretty beaches

Taking a walk. I want the house on the hill

Yes that is me.


Someone nice took our picture.





The view from the room


Jeanette and Yehuda (nephiew)





It was overcast and foggy

pretty flowers

We told Yehuda to blow away the clouds

Guess what he blew and they went away





Yes that is steam from the center




There are really 4 people in the picture. Karen, Jeanette, Yehuda and Raffi (under the blanket)

Well worth the trip








The clouds are gone

We did hike up here about a mile.