Japan Pictures 2009



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Business Trip to Japan March 2009


Building boom

View from the hotel

Neat architecture

Bullet Train

Our Customers office


Train Station at the Hotel

Nice view



Outside office


Clock in front of office building

7-11 & McDonalds & Denny's



Entrance to Sensoji Buddhist Temple

Time to Shop

Buddhist Temple area

Buddhist Temple area

Electronics area




A House




Open air Double Decker bus

And you wonder how the trees get that way



Clock building


Big Indian chief

Subway station and train. Neat and clean

Near the palace

Moat around the palace grounds

Tree in bloom


Nice office building


Imperial Palace Grounds


Big walls to guard the palace


Palace grounds

Interesting design


Bamboo Trees



Peace and quiet

Fish anyone

Fun waterfall




Winter is over

View from the office

View from the office

A boat or building? (Lexus dealership)

Amdocs Office Japan


Tokyo Tower

Party at the Hard Rock

I was here!

Getting ready for the Olympics

I'm out of here


Even he has a pony tail

Swan Boats

Swan Boat with hitch hiker

More Boats

Even I got in a picture


Party in the park

Party in the park

Art in the park. Cow

Ant Eater




Fun Clock on a building

3 different airlines

Here's another

JAL Airline




Subway Map Some above ground some below

Things to do in Japan