Japan Pictures 2009



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Business Trip to Japan April 2009


Bright lights at night

Selling on Saturday in the Electronics district

Great Transportation

More Electronics 6 floors

Old time transportation



Train Station near hotel

Typical street

Near the water front

More water front



Is it really a building?

On the water

Work and Play



Party Boat

Water Taxi


Serenade in the park

Ahh The City


More Water Taxi

Boat Mast on Land

One of the Team Matthias


Me with the city. The train runs under the bridge.


Matthias and the city

Wait am I really in Japan

Well is it really a building?

Wind Surfing

The riverfront


Let's go shopping


Cool building and art

Time to play

The bridge can you see it




Don't ask

Sri (team member) made a friend


 100 Yen is approx $1.00 US