Family Pictures 2005



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Back to Colombia 9/2005  (Time for friends and family to meet Sandy)

The city has grown in 6 years. Lot's of new buildings going up. The city is very green and beautiful. We had a great suite at the hotel. I think as a joke (maybe a sign) someone put us in room 711.  For those of you not sure about what this means, I worked on a project for over 3 years for 7-Eleven corporation.  


Party Time

Since so many people had not met me, it was time for us to throw a party in Medellin.  A great time was had by all. (Yes, I am dancing, my wife was shocked)



More Medellin.  A birthday party and site seeing.

  Birthday party for Simon the son of Joseph Farbiarz


A day at the farm (finca). Good food and good friends, and a little time for a rest too.


      Meet at Hanna's for tea with the cousins. Taste the Difference. Oh So Good!


The famous Botero museum and Medellin traffic (car, buses and the metro).  

  A trip to Sophie and Mauricio's house on the farm.



Panama 9/2005

Site seeing in Panama and a Bar Mitzvah to boot. Lot's to see if you can handle the heat and traffic. 90 degrees and 90% humidity and traffic as bad as Dallas at rush hour. Visited the old city of Panama, the canal, saw some art and even McDonalds..

Uncle and his twin brother. Uncle and Jeanette

   Part of the family.


The Canal

We were lucky enough to see 2 ships pass through and a third starting into the canal. It is really amazing up close. I have seen television programs on the canal, but being there is something else. The pictures here are only a small amount of the pictures I took.