Family Pictures 2006



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Coast Rica 2006

Yellow Flowers outside hotel

Pretty rose near hotel

Flowers from the garden

Interior view of hotel

Hanging vines in the center of the hotel. Some span 5 floors


Beautiful flowers throughout the hotel.

Calilily in hotel

On the way to one of the volcanoes.


Coffee Plantation


Coffee beans growing on the trees


Mother and daughter in the coffee fields


It's incredible what you can do with trees. Any Idea what bird this is??

Lost in the trees.

Who is that man in the sunglasses.


Stain Glass window in a church.


More amazing trees.


A whole grove of tree animals


Papaya tree. Hungry anyone.

The is a spa near the volcano. The water is naturally heated. Can you see the steam!

Anyone for a dip in the water?


I guess I had a taker for the water


I was wrong I had 2 takers for the water.


Swim on up to the bar and have a drink.


More heated water falls.

More water in the spa

You can wade through a lot of the water areas.


What can you say other than relaxing.


Beautiful and unusual flowers.


What is it? Flower??


Flower or bush?


                        I would recommend Costa Rica as a vacation spot. Prices are reasonable. Most people speak English for

                   all us gringos.  If you are interested, I know a great tour guide (he's family).