Israel Pictures 2007


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Masada, Dead Sea and more July 2007


An old palace in the middle of the dessert Smile Am I really doing this? I did it! I am glad it is over. Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

Dry waterfall   Off in the distance is the Dead Sea It's a long way down Entrance to Masada Cheese

Masada dates back to 152 BC the great siege was 73 to 74 AD. 900 members against 8000 Romans and they were held off the Romans for a few months.

More building at Masada

The Northern Palace
Reflections in the Dead Sea Floating in the Dead Sea. You can not swim because the water is so heavy with minerals. Minerals from the bottom of the sea  
Look out post, looking toward Jordan. Green in the desert. The Israelis know how to work the land.
Special water drip systems all run by computers make all the land usable. Can you see the face? Date Tree Dates  
    This winding road was the only way to southern most point in Israel for many years. Let me tell you it is narrow and winding. Can you imagine an 18 wheeler on the road? Yes they did. Camel's roaming free Mountains
Mountains   Ben-Gurion's Desert House Ben-Gurion Grave