Israel Pictures 2007


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July 2007


Mount Olive, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Mount Hertzel and Yad Vashem

Jerusalem looking from Mount Scopus
Jerusalem Dome of the Rock   Synagogue Mt. Scopus

Jafa Gate Jafa Gate Tower of King David City Wall Break in the Wall One of 7 gates

to the City

Scale model of the old temple area and the tunnels of the western wall The Dome of the Rock
The wailing wall   Western wall area Looking toward

Mount Scopus

Living area Women's Synagogue Mosaic of Jerusalem Old columns Shopping
Stain glass window in Church Greek Orthodox Church Tower Inside the Holy Sepulchre Church Outside the Holy Sepulchre church where Christ was laid to rest Church Tower Golden Menorah

Yad Vashem

  Outside Entrance Inside (interesting shape walls) Art of a man saving children  

Mount Hertzel Park

  Monument Hertzel grave Golda Meir grave Rabin and wife grave